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quiet, 19th august 2019. drawn over a photo cheren took a while ago


every morning there are mountains to climb, 11th august 2019

art academy

reminisce, 11th august 2019. drawn with art academy through a ds emulator


haze, 5th august 2019. more faux oekaki


my blood sweat and tears, 5th august 2019. rediscovered oekaki and had to draw something like that

neo neo 2

neo & neo (alternate), 2nd & 4th august 2019. updated references and designs

venus fly

venus fly, 16th july 2019. redraw of an old attempt to draw in gen 1-2 pokemon style

blind spots

blind spots, 10th july 2019


lighter and a safety pin, 9th july 2019

like angels do

we cut out their eyes and we dance like angels do, 8th july 2019


warmth, 1st july 2019. an attempt to get even more anime....

i could live in the world just like a stranger

i could live in the world just like a stranger, 25th june 2019. drawn over a photo i took with my instax a while ago

come be my teacher

come be my teacher, 29th may 2019. stress relief kpoppie redraw. i think it turned out okay anyway.

magic shop

magic shop, 27th may 2019. drawing rough is so freeing and also so much faster.. this and the image below only took me about an hour each

don't know what to do

don't know what to do, 27th may 2019. drawn after i went to see blackpink live and oh my god they were good

photo redraw

anywhere is my home if you're here with me, 2nd may 2019. drawn over a photo of me and cheren we took with my instax camera


destroy everything you know, 30th march 2019

having no titles is the worst, 11th march 2019

i feel so high, 8th march 2019. first thing i finished on cherens cintiq 20wsx

we are in noir, 5th march 2019. the last thing i drew on my surface which died like the next day

xanthe, 5th january 2019

rain your wisdom on me, 2nd january 2019. paint 3d is so fun

unfinished, 28th december 2019