exactly what it says on the tin! i do a lot of different stuff with pixel art so unlike the other pages this ones split into categories, and a lot of these are also commissions. this is nowhere near all of my pixels, the rest art on my deviantart


28th june 2019

28th june 2019

27th june 2019

27th may 2019

27th april 2019

19th april 2019

18th april 2019

17th april 2019

17th april 2019

17th march 2019

17th march 2019

22nd february 2019

8th february 2019

7th february 2019

30th january 2019

31st december 2018

5th december 2018

20th november 2018

30th september 2018

18th september 2018

10th september 2018

9th september 2018

7th september 2018

1st september 2018

31st august 2018

25th august 2018

larger pixels

all dogs fall from heaven, 30th june 2019

three years, 8th february 2019. pixel for the third year of chereneo gayshit <3

chungy, 14th november 2018. used as a header on one of my old sites


bugman take me by the hand, 13th november 2018. made for my boyfriends old site (he did the sketch!)

komor, 24th september 2018

full scenes

dew of the mountain, 21st may 2019

epiphany, 30th april 2019

it won't be easy, 22nd february 2019

who's there, who's there, 15th december 2018

i need a title but 'bagel' is my only thought, 6th december 2018

limerence, 6th december 2018

woo, 5th december 2018

field, 5th december 2018