RELEASE 29 March 2018
TRANSLATED ?? ????? 2018
NOTES my first translation, which accidentally kicked off my habit of impuslively delving into writing translyrics. also notable as my favorite song of all time (as of right now anyway :p).

don’t know how it started
but at some point you turned so cold
i wanted to move on, put it behind me
but somehow i can’t let go

they say that time heals us
for me it just hurts more
as time marches onwards, starting to see it
i’m not like i was before

the flower petals
of my feelings blooming outwards
start to fall, just like my tears did way back then
oh oh oh

saw it at moonlight
the glow that guides me onwards
found myself, and now i will never let go
oh oh oh

instead of you i’ll be
loving myself
i’ll forget you now
i’ll let you go now

i’ll move forwards again
holding myself
i don’t need you now
i love myself now

love myself today
let you go today