RELEASE 12 April 2019
TRANSLATED ? ??? 2019
NOTES still unfinished hehe

i can’t say hi, because my
heart’s beating fast, gone wild
yeah i’m going out baby
the whole world is my own now

crazy for myself, you know it’ll be true if i open up the door
let me set an example, watch me leave right now (i’m going out now)

(my fantasies, don’t fade from me, i need you see, my oasis ay)*

oh yeah i did it, i shine like flashing lights
got lotta friends, my quiet place at night
‘anything’s possible y’know!’ i recall it now how i said it how
i saw the ocean, yeah
just through the door in front of me, oh yeah

half full turns half empty in a flash
feel so alone i need another glass
eyes half closed but i can’t sleep at last
need to be where you are

oh that must be mi casa
with you i’ma feel rich
oh i’d call that place mi casa
it’s a like flicking on a switch, yeah

wherever we go and whatever we see
anywhere is my home if you’re here with me
you know i want that home
you know you got that home

your love your love your love, i miss that
your love your love your love, i want that
your touch your touch your touch, i need that
la la la la, la la la la, i love it